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I have titled this on the assumption that there will be at least a Pt. II.

There probably will be, given how much time I've spent thinking about this lately.

I used to think that my stories were just that: stories. No deep, dark allegorical matter in them. Now I realise that it's kind of silly to assume that, given how much current affairs/economics stuff I read, my work would be completely and entirely apolitical.

Though, there is also the possibility that my work used to be that way.

I have...grown into my work, I think. I see more of what I think, believe and feel in TLOL than I have in any other WIP.

I wouldn't call it the book of my heart. That kind of book is the last thing in the world I want to write, and maybe, if I ever sought to write it, probably the last book I would ever write.

One of my favorite articles on writing is by Julie Leto:

A Book of My Voice allows me to explore the stories that spring from my psyche in their truest form. My voice may grow and change as I grow and change, but the essential foundation remains the same. My voice is mine and the more I write, the more I reveal of that voice.

Let me ponder this a bit more and I'll explain in Pt. II.



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