Jan. 6th, 2010 11:10 pm
You knew it had to come, right?

I didn't write a single word today. I know what's supposed to happen in the scene that I'm supposed to be working on today, but the words have dried up.

I did, however, write 891 words yesterday, and I also have a new blog. And a new pseudonym.

Emily Cardinal
In the five years since I've been writing seriously, I've written less this year than in any of the rest. 

I don't even need to do the math to say this. 


Nov. 29th, 2009 09:24 pm
I'm done for the next little while, I think. 

Impatience, however, will most likely drive me nuts whilst waiting for the next bits to fall in place. 

Contemplating a look at my magnum opus. The changes in the pathmaker also mean changes in my magnum opus as they are set in the same world. 


Sep. 21st, 2009 09:17 pm
I surgically stitched back scenes I had thought were not right for the story. A bit of snipping here, and a bit of weaving there.

I think I can return to my hiatus.

It feels just right to stop where I have done. I need to think some more about what happens next, and how.


Sep. 13th, 2009 10:38 pm
I think I'm done.

I have 35 entries. It's not a nice number, as far as I am concerned, but it will do.

Not sure if I'm going to let more people see it. Nadia and Joely have seen about a third, maybe less in terms of word count. As I moved towards the end, it gradually got easier to be a bit more...I was going to say voluble, but that's not quite right. It got easier to say more though.

I think this means I'm going back to my writing hiatus.

And that means that tomorrow, Nadia, I'm all yours, with red pen in hand!


Sep. 9th, 2009 11:29 pm
Haven't written today.

Back to hiatus, thank god.

Now, to convince myself that I don't need 52 entries by the 24th of September.


Sep. 8th, 2009 11:54 pm
I feel terribly guilty about falling of the bandwagon. But what to do?

I am reconstructing The Pathmaker in my head. That is, the structure of the book I will eventually write. There is a lot that I have dreamed that will not be in the book.

I am determined that it will be a single title, you see.

Also, I wrote a little post about the pricing of ebooks here. I'm not sure I miss the non-writing journaling blogging.
The words have come so easy, I have been unwilling to stop.

I have decided to take the non-person's word for it: since said non-person is the one journaling, I am not the one doing the writing, and therefore I am still on hiatus.

It's occurred to me that this could work as a unique way to plot.

I may have to change the tag for non-person.


Sep. 7th, 2009 06:27 pm
This is what a certain someone would have said to me if she was a person:

I know you’re on a writing hiatus, and that’s cool. But I want to start a blog. And I’ve decided that since I’m starting the blog, and I’m writing the blog, you will still be on hiatus and it works out perfectly well for everybody.

The damn thing is that it would be all too easy. 

I have a thing. I don't consider ideas to be nearly as precious as turns of the phrase or actual writing. That's probably why I've survived more than 3 weeks of my hiatus and failed today.

Well, as much a failure as 79 words can be -- that's 2 posts.

I haven't decided. I do have a Blogger thing all ready to go for it -- not sure why but WP doesn't feel like the right fit -- and I cannot be bothered with another DW or LJ acccount either.

I'm not quite sure why I feel the need to put this one out into the world either.

Feel free to offer me your opinions.


Sep. 5th, 2009 08:52 pm
This is Day 21.

I didn't think I would make it this far, especially since I've been on vacation, actually on vacation, since Tuesday.

Being in pain doesn't help quite THAT much, especially when it's less pain and more just general discomfort. Unless somebody decides to punch me in the jaw in the next few days, in which case I'll probably be in tears. Strong, womanly tears, but still tears.

I'm glad I'm holding on though. My...WIP? Can you call something a WIP if you've only started it in your head? I'm sure I'll find people whose answer would be yes, only I am not one of them.

I can't really call it a book or a story either, since it is not yet completed.

(Yes, I am determined to make life difficult for myself.)

So we shall compromise and call it an idea, one with a title: The Pathmaker. 

The Pathmaker is morphing into something slightly different than what I started out with. I think I have saved myself a lot of time, work and heartache by working it out in my head first. It went through a medieval incarnation, to an ancient China setting to the current futuristic one.

The final book will have two different time periods, one past and one 'current.' It could almost be a practice work for my magnum opus (yes, I have one, and I'm arrogant enough to call it that), except it doesn't feel like one.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 10:09 pm
Day 19.

It seems to be getting both easier and harder.

Yesterday was terribly easy. Having been put under, then coming out, and then being in pain for most of the rest of the day sort of took the need to do ANYTHING at all, including writing, out of me.

Today, on the other hand, if I knew exactly which book it was that I wanted to write, hiatus or no hiatus, I would be writing.

It's frankly quite odd. I haven't had this feeling of being unable to choose what I wanted to work on next in...years. Definitely years. If I started writing right now, I think I would open one file, type a sentence, open a new file and type another sentence. I estimate that by the end of the episode, I would have 3 new files to save.

I was hoping this hiatus would help me break some of my bad habits. It's starting to look like it's breaking some of my good ones too.


Aug. 22nd, 2009 11:43 pm
This is my theory.

If I Not Write for long enough, I'll be driven to braindump a goodly chunk of words out when the time comes. Hence the 2.5mths.

That's the rationale behind the 2.5mths, plus a break from obsessing about Not Writing.

I'm still obsessing about Not Writing now, but it's not from a 'god, I suck suck suck! I haven't written a flippin' word again this week!' POV. Which is a nice change, in its way. It's somewhat less depressing and that's always a benny 'round here.


Aug. 21st, 2009 11:54 pm
I'm here to whine. 

Mostly because there's like ONE person who's reading this blog -- poor [personal profile] kaigou, magnificent Authoress of the Great Masterpiece.

(If that doesn't get her writing, I don't know what will...how about my first-born child?)

I'm pretty sure more people -- even excluding spammers -- follow me on Twitter than that.

Incidentally, I am multitudeofM everywhere I can think of. Gmail, Twitter, LJ, Wordpress, Blogger and...I think that's about it.

Anyway, the fabulous (and I do mean fabulous) Alison Kent said that I should just write already, but Joely Sue Burkhart said I should stick it out for a week at least.

I really want to start a new WIP. I want to write.

And the truth is that the real reason for the hiatus of 2009 (as I call it in my head now) is that I'm hoping that if I'm starved long enough of it, that when I get back to it, it'll help me break out of the box that I've built for myself in the past five years.