2010-01-05 11:05 pm
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Aptitude, Affinity and the Ten Thousand Hours

As defined by the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:
1 a : inclination, tendency b : a natural ability : talent
2 : capacity for learning
3 : general suitability : aptness

I tend to take the 2nd meaning to be the truest meaning of the word. That a person has an aptitude for something is a purely intellectual quirk.

1b, for me, is closer to what I usually term affinity -- though the M-W seems to think that I can't use it that way. Affinity is less cerebral a term, more passionate and intimate.

And then there's the 10000 hours. That's the amount of time that's been quoted ad nauseam that somebody needs to become good at something.

Most writers have affinity. Conversely, I'm not so sure that so many...I don't know...engineers do. Same for economists, by the way.

And as for the point of the original post? I don't know any more 

2009-12-23 12:26 am

You in Your Work: Pt. I

I have titled this on the assumption that there will be at least a Pt. II.

There probably will be, given how much time I've spent thinking about this lately.

I used to think that my stories were just that: stories. No deep, dark allegorical matter in them. Now I realise that it's kind of silly to assume that, given how much current affairs/economics stuff I read, my work would be completely and entirely apolitical.

Though, there is also the possibility that my work used to be that way.

I have...grown into my work, I think. I see more of what I think, believe and feel in TLOL than I have in any other WIP.

I wouldn't call it the book of my heart. That kind of book is the last thing in the world I want to write, and maybe, if I ever sought to write it, probably the last book I would ever write.

One of my favorite articles on writing is by Julie Leto:

A Book of My Voice allows me to explore the stories that spring from my psyche in their truest form. My voice may grow and change as I grow and change, but the essential foundation remains the same. My voice is mine and the more I write, the more I reveal of that voice.

Let me ponder this a bit more and I'll explain in Pt. II.
2009-12-19 09:59 pm


Hopping on the plane in less than 12 hours. Thinking about allegories and such, and other things for my other blog. It's a good thing I plan to blog more next year.

Working and reworking the laws of love in my head.

Wonder when I'll actually finish it.
2009-12-13 01:15 am



I've decided to temporarily except that the writer-me has a romantic streak a mile-wide. I'll work on integrating rational economist-me with sighs-over-love-stories writer-me later when I have time. 

Which probably means never, but this at least means now I know what I'm writing. 


Given above, I have decided to change The Pathmaker to The Laws of Love. And no, that's really not the title. I just think it's fucking hilarious given what I currently think is the Key of the Book.

I've just sent Nadia a description that's in chronological order. I think this could work. I think this could be The One.

But, that's what I always think, isn't it? 


This SO isn't what I need to be working on right now, what with a test on Monday and exams next month. 

Typical, isn't it? 
2009-09-19 05:43 am
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Theme of my work:
Sometimes you can change the world. Sometimes you can't and have to leave.